How to install Live Chat on a Wordpress Site or Wordpress Multisite

The process to install the ActiveHelper Live Chat Plugin is very easy and you can get in a few steps.:

  • Log into wordpress backend and click over the left side "plugin" link.
  • Wordpress backend

  • Click on the top link "add new".
  • On the search box enter "live chat" or "activehelper live chat" and press enter.
  • Search Wordpress Plugin

  • When you find the ActiveHelper Live Chat Plugin click on the button "Install Now".
  • Install Wordpress Plugin

  • Check the installation log, this need to be success in order to activate the plugin under the button "activate plugin"
  • Installed Wordpress Plugin log

    Now you finished with the basic installation of the ActiveHelper Live Chat plugin on wordpress, remember the Live Chat plugin is available for Wordpress 3.0x to the latest version 4.3x.

    ActiveHelper Wordpress dashboard

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