Track website visitors and send messages without offering live chat

This is a very common question, I want to track the visitors on some pages without having the chat button there, how can do that?

ActiveHelper Live Chat allow track your visitors steps without showing the chat button and send invitations and messages anytime.

Steps to deploy in Joomla :

  • Locate the main tracking module "ActiveHelper LiveHelp Module" under the "modules" admin section.
  • Main live chat module

  • Make a copy of the main tracking module and call "ActiveHelper LiveHelp Module Invisible".
  • Copy live chat module

  • Edit the new module, set the name and the regular settings like position and language finally make the finally adjust.
  • a. Status indicator : Disable

    b. Select the pages where you want to track visitors and show the invitations.

    New live chat module

  • Save the module and reload the page with CTRL + F5
  • Now you can start the tracking without the visitor know that are you looking there on real-time with the Support Panel Desktop App.
  • Support Panel Desktop

  • The visitor can get a pro-active live chat invitation or message sent by you anytime.
  • Live Chat invitation