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Topic-icon How to add a custom effect to the live chat button

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With new powerful sites the designers want new effects to create a better experience for their visitors and we have a simple but powerful css that creates a hide/show of the chat button.

In order to implement this effect we need two simple things, a simple css file and a plugin.
The css file is available here.
The plugin is avilable through the follow link: joomla.impression-estudio.gr/add-custom-css/download.php

Please follow the next steps:

1. Copy the css file into your css folder for the current template: templates/current_tpl/css/button-effect.css

2. Install the plugin Add Custom CSS:
1. Login to your Joomla administrator area.
2. Go to Extensions > Extensions Manager.
3. Click Upload a Package File and browse to find the plg_addcustomcss.zip file.
4. Click the Upload and install button.

3. Setup the plugin Add Custom CSS :
1. Go to Extensions > Plugin manager.
2. Search for "System - Add Custom CSS".
3. custom css 3
4. Open the plugin for editing.
5. In the "Custom CSS File Path 1" option, enter the path to your CSS file, example: templates/current_tpl/css/button-effect.css
6. Enable the plugin.
7. Click on the Save & Close button.

4. Check the result, reload your site page.

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