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Since the new ActiveHelper Live Chat ver 5.0 the installation process is different , now we have two installer, the JED version and the full installer package with 6 languages included.

ActiveHelper Live Chat Component JED Installation package: This installer is only for the ActiveHelper Dashboard component and doesn't include the core of the Live Chat, after the installation of this component is necessary to download the latest version of the Live Chat Core and install. Also if you require a different language of the included is necessary to download and install as well.
JED Installer

Live Chat Core

1. First download and install the Component Dashboard.

2. Open the new dashboard installed under the components menu "activehelper livehelp system"

3. Download the Live Chat core and then go to the section server settings tab "live chat core" and select the downloaded file.

4. Install the Live Chat Core through the top button "install core files"

5. Finally with the latest version of the core you can start to setup the Live Chat Server.

Remember if you want a different language that the installed you need to download and install.

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