Joomla Live Chat Getting Started Guide


ActiveHelper Live Chat is a powerful Joomla extension for Online website visitors tracking and Live Chat mostly. Its feature sets include most than 50 features that's cover many areas like :

Live Chat : visitors tracking, visitor information, Notifications, Chat buttons , Chat on multiple websites, Chat between agents, Transfer Chats.
Visitors Engage : Automatic invitation, Pro active message window, Pro active invitation.
Customization : White label live chat, Welcome message, Agent photo, Chat window themes, Languages.
Reports & analytics : Basic statistics, Chat reports, Daily summary, Dashboard.
Applications : Desktop agent application, Mobile agent app.
Integrations : Joomla Component, Joomla Module , Joomla Plugin

Download , Installation and Uninstallation


You may download ActiveHelper Live Chat component from JED through your own joomla or our main download area. We still have support for old joomla versions included 1.5x and 2.5x.

Joomla JED
Main Download area



The ActiveHelper Live Chat component is installed as any other joomla extension, through Joomla! installer. Installation of the single zip file downloaded from JED or our site.


Should you wish to remove ActiveHelper Live Chat from your Joomla website, this is done also using the Joomla! installer. Note that by default, uninstalling ActiveHelper will actually remove all tables with the chat sessions and tracking.

Basic Setup

The basic setup of the Live Chat Server can take around 3 mins and include four simple steps described below, remember this is the basic pre-configured setup ready to use.



The domain name is the key part in order to start to work, under the dashboard go to the section manage domains and click on the button "new".


The process to add a new domain is very simple, enter the real and exact domain name and choose the domain status as "enable".


The best way to write the domain name is the real domain like : , is not necessary to include "http://www" or a subsection like "/live-chat".


You need to beware of the full potential of the Live Chat extension and this include more options related to the domain configuration.

Under the section "Manage Domains" you can find a button called "settings" this section will introduce to all the major options pre-configured by default, we suggest to check after the deployed of the chat button.




The agent's is the second key to do a good setup, in order to add the agents click on the button "manage agents" under the dashboard.


The process to add a new agent is very simple, enter the required information like username, password, first name, last name and email.

Other information like the department can be optional, also the agent status need to set "enable" the first time.

The "Domain Privilege" allow the agent to access all the domain transcription or only they own sessions.

The "Status Indicator Type" by default should be "domain", if you want an advanced configuration you can use the "agent" parameter with an extra setup.


Finally you need to set "enable" the agent to the at least one domain, remember one agent can manage one or multiple domains all depend of this option.

We suggest to avoid use capital or spaces for the username.

After the creation of each agent you will get the "agent connection details" remember to keep this information because you will need next in order to go ONLINE on the desktop or mobile agent application.



Chat Button

The final process to finish the basic setup of the live chat server is the generation and deploy of the chat button.


First you need to return to the section "manage agents" and click on the right side option "module" and finally click to generate.


After finished the generation you need to download the module to your desktop.

With the new generated "chat button" module you can proceed to install like any other joomla module.


Keep on mind the follow things at the moment that you will set the chat button ON:


Language : By default the module work on English, but is possible to select one of the other 31 available languages.
Absolute Position : This option allow to show the chat button on a floating position like the "right botton" area, you have 8 more static floating positions.
Agent ID : 0 is the default value and we suggest to keep this, but if you want to deploy a agent status indicator you can change this to an agent id.
Position : If you select an absolute position we suggest to use debug or footer positions in order to deploy the chat button there.
Other options like Status and Module Assignment is the same that all the modules on Joomla.
Other settings like : Tracking, Status Indicator, Text Direction we suggest to leave the default values.

If you followed all the steps you can now reload your site and the chat button should be available there but offline.


Agent Application

Under the section "Manage Agents" you can find the button called "client info", there you can get the agent connection details if you missed the first time.


Now you want to start to play with the agent desktop application, the first step to sign in is to copy the "agent connection details" on the sign in form of the agent application called "Support Panel Desktop".

Remember this is an small getting started guide for a basic setup.