Desktop agent application Icon disappear from the windows taskbar

This is a common issue that happen very often with the standard windows configuration, the support panel desktop working in background isn't available on the windows taskbar.

By default Windows hides many of the applications from the taskbar and the user thinks that the application is not working but the application is working on background.

Windows Taskbar

Today many of the new computers come with a lot preinstalled applications and many of this are already placed on the taskbar, windows can't show all and hides many of this in order to gain space.

The solution is very simple, you need to edit the windows taskbar configuration and set for the Support Panel Desktop the option ""Show Icon and notifications"", then you will see the icon of the Support Panel Desktop all the time that the application is working on background.

How to change the setting for the taskbar can be different from Windows 7, 8 and 10, below you can find two different guides

Windows Taskbar 7x,8.0 and 8.1
Windows Taskbar 10

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