The agent desktop app do not go ONLINE

Case No # 1

If you sign in on the Support Panel desktop and the chat module doesn't change to online maybe you have a hosting configuration issue.

We found that the PHP configuration with a single php.ini file can cause a problems with the creation of the cookie between the Support Panel Desktop and the LiveHelp Server. The issue is related with the use of ~/ on the file paths.

hosting issue

Case No # 2

If you sign in on the Support Panel Desktop but the agent isn't Online maybe you have a configuration issue with the PHP.

Please follow the next steps provided by norton :

The sessions folder referenced by php was not where it was stated, so you to add two lines of code to the config.php file so its loaded on all pages.

session_save_path('/var/www/vhosts/'); ini_set('session.gc_probability', 1);

Also make the folder 777

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