RTL Live Chat Joomla Module - Right-to-left text support

How to switch the live chat window to a RTL language like Hebrew , Arabic and Farsi?

Since the live chat server component for Joomla ver 4.4 we have support for full RTL language on the live chat window and the support panel desktop.

To configure the Live Chat window to support right-to-left (RTL) language like Hebrew, Arabic and Farsi please follow these simple steps:

1. Admin panel->Manage Domains->Settings->Languages tab

2. Select the RTL language and write a welcome message.

3. Save the configuration.

RTL Live CHat settings

4. Extensions->ActiveHelper LiveHelp Module

5. Select the RTL language from the language list.

6. Change the "Text Direction" setting from LTR to RTL.

7. Save the module configuration.

RTL LIve Chat button

Remember you can manage multiple sites LTR and RTL at the same time from the same installation, the only difference is to set right the Live Chat Module on the different pages.