Livechat for multiple websites

The most important feature of the ActiveHelper Live Chat is the possibility of manage multiple domains (unlimited). Through this option is possible to install the Live Chat on a single site and from there deploy the chat button on multiples sites.

live chat

How works the unlimited domains feature?

First you need to select one site as your main "Live Chat Server " and there you need to install and setup the ActiveHelper Live Chat System. Remember the ActiveHelper Live Chat System is available as component for Joomla sites, as plugin for WordPress sites and module for Drupal sites.

If I have a magento or a shopping cart site I can't use the chat ?

No, you can still using the chat button on diferent CMS and regular sites the only importan thing is to install the ActiveHelper Live Chat on one of the supported CMS.

I need multiple agents for each site?

No, you can have a single agent answering chat request from many sites also you can have multiples agents answering chats from one site o several sites. The ActiveHelper Live Chat is a real Server thats allow to work from a single site with a single agent or several sites with multiples agents.

One Site

live chat

Second Site

live chat

I need to pay for each site?

No, if you followed this working model you only required a single license. If you want to have several separated installations for different sites with different support staff you required a license for each installation.

How many hosting resources I need to use the ActiveHelper Live Chat?

We can't offer an exact amount of resources because the consumption depends of the daily activity. A regular site with a couple agents can work on a basic hosting, but if you want this for a medium or large operation you will required a VPS or dedicated server.

Advantages of a Single Live Chat Server:

  • Possibility to grow. You can add more domains and agents as you need without a fee.
  • You looks bigger. With a single agent you can answer multiple chat request from several sites.
  • Information centralized. All the information remains on a single server you can keep tracks of activity of several sites and agents.
  • Support. You only need to keep updated the live chat server on one place.
  • Company Image. You can have diferent images and logos for each site, you can manage the chat service like a diferent chat services.
  • Mobility. You not need a dedicated support agent, you can get chat request in your phone and tablet any moment.
  • Cost. You only require a single license.
  • Lifetime License. You only need to pay one time.
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