How to setup the Live chat for multiple websites

How to answer Live chat and track visitors from several sites all at the same time

This is one of the most common questions and also is the best feature of the Active Helper Live Chat system, the ability to manage several sites all at the same time included regular HTML sites and non CMS sites.

The process to setup multiple sites is very simple and is the same procedure for the Live Chat System on Joomla , WordPress or Drupal.

Below you can find the steps to setup the ActiveHelper Live Chat System to several domains from a main Joomla 3.4x installation:

Joomla 3.4x

  • First you need to select a main site to install the ActiveHelper Live Chat Server (Live Chat Component) , remember this site will be manage the activity from all your sites and will consume more resources.
  • Under the Joomla admin area, go to the ActiveHelper dashboard section manage domains and start to add your multiples domains.
  • Live Chat Manage Domains

    NOTE : Remember you only need to add the domain name , for example a domain like : you need to setup :

  • If you want to manage multiple sites included some Joomla sites and others non CMS sites you need to follow an additional process :
  • For the same CMS on this case Joomla you can generate the tracking module for each site and download.

    Live Chat Joomla Module

    For non Joomla sites you need to generate the standard tracking script.

    Live Chat tracking script

    Live chat javascript code

    NOTE : Remember each domain has their own option to generate the tracking module or the tracking script, you can't use the same module for different domains.

  • With all the domains added you can now setup the Live Chat agents, go to the section manage agents and add your agents, remember you can setup an agent for a single domain, multiple domains or all the domains.
  • Live chat Agent

    Live chat javascript code

  • The final process is to deploy the tracking module on each Joomla site and the insert the tracking scripts on each non joomla site.
  • Now you can see tracking and answer chats under the Support Panel Desktop ( Live Chat Agent Console) from the associated domains.

    Each site has their own different configuration, includes the chat buttons, language and the offline email.

    Live Chat button Joomla site:

    Live chat button joomla site

    Live Chat button non Joomla site:

    Live chat button HMTL site

    NOTE : Remember each domain has their own script and you can deploy very easy the tracking script on a wordpress site, drupal site or any other CMS or regular site because the script is a simple javascript code.

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