Why to use Live Chat

Why to use Live Chat?

Live chat is the best way to engage with your website visitors on real-time.

When a site visitor engaged with a live chat representative, the experience is better, visitors can easily get support, live chat brings very few interruptions to their online experience.

Bolsters confidence with new customers by showing the Live Chat Button, customers like knowing that they can get immediate help if needed.

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Why Live Chat for my business?

More than 50% of website visitors say that having questions answered by a live chat agent while is browsing a the site is one of the most important features that a web site can offer.

By offering live chat you are providing a support channel for website visitors who might have left your website early.

5 Benefits of Live Chat?

  • Real-Time Live Chat is convenience to Customers
  • Live Chat is a cost efficient
  • Live Chat increases your sales and customer service
  • Live Chat give you an advantage among your competitors
  • Live Chat is simple and fast to implement
  • 1. Real-Time Live Chat is convenience to Customers:

    Answer a visitor en-quiries on real-time is priceless, more than 70% of the visitors leaves early a website because they don't find what are looking for. Instead of waiting several hours or days to receive answers via email or a phone call, the visitors can receive their answers immediately and continue with their navigation .

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    2. Live Chat is a cost efficient:

    A Live Chat Software solution can reduce the expenses because a support agent can work in multiple things and answer several chats at the same time. The Live Chat agent efficiency can grow by using pre-typed messages to answer the visitors questions.

    3. Live Chat increases your sales and customer service:

    With a person working on real-time with the website visitors ensure a better experience, an agent that can fulfill the visitors needs on real-time and reduce shopping cart abandonment and build a relationship between your company and the visitor/customer.

    4. Live Chat give you an advantage among your competitors:

    Answer a question faster than your competitors is a key to your business grow, happy visitors are happy customers.

    5. Live Chat is simple and fast to implement:

    Implement a Live Chat software solution can take less time that other solution and the key is the features included like pre-typed messages , pro-active invitations and tracking options.

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    Why ActiveHelper Live Chat LiveHelp Support Software ?

    Among others solutions ActiveHelper Live Chat includes key features and software benefits that can easily fit to small and medium companies.

    Active Helper Live Chat allow to manage unlimited domains from the main installation, the Live Chat works as server that manages multiple domains request at the same time. Tracks the visitors activity from multiples sites and answer at the same time their chat request is possible thanks to the multi domains feature.

    Active Helper Live Chat allow to manage multiple agents for a single or multiple domains, this feature is key for a growing business. You can have a single agent attending multiples live chats from one or multiples domains or multiples agents attending live chats from one or multiples sites.

    You only need one single license in order to allow manage your multiples sites with a single server installation and the license is lifetime. You only paid the license one time.

    Lifetime License

  • Integrated with Major CMS platform
  • ActiveHelper Live Chat comes as an extension available for Joomla as component available for Joomla 1.5x, 1.6x, 1.7x, 2.5x, 3.x. For wordpress comes as pulgin available for Wordpress 3.2x to 4.3x. For drupal comes as module available for Drupal 7.2x or higher.

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  • Runs in your own server side without external need
  • ActiveHelper Live Chat works in your own server side, you not need to pay a monthly fee in order to use the system, you have the complete control of the Live Chat and can use as you need.

  • The Live Chat can run on basic hosting plans
  • Active Helper Live Chat was designed to work on a basic hosting with limited resources, you not need to have an expensive and robust hosting for a small live chat operation.

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