One license for manage multiples websites

How can manage multiple sites with the ActiveHelper Live Chat single license? can be the most common question that we get all the day.

With the ActiveHelper Live Chat you can manage your multiples domains, but we want to explain very clear how works the license in order to avoid a wrong understanding.

Good use:

The customer can manage your multiple sites from a main Live Chat Server installation, you need to select one site as your main site and there you can to install the ActiveHelper Live Chat server and setup there all your domains.

Can I manage my customers sites ? The short answer is "yes" under this model, you need to select your site as your main server and from there you can add your customer sites and manage their chat activity from your server but you need be awake of the follow conditions :

  • All the chats will be keep in your server side.
  • You mixed the chat activity from several customer on the same database.
  • You will consume most resources from your hosting and shared hosting don't allow this kind of behavior.
  • In order to manage several sites you will need a VPS o dedicated server.
  • Wrong Use:

    The customer want to manage their multiples customers sites by installing a Live Chat Server on each customer site. For this case a individual license is valid only for the customer that own the license and they can't install on external sites because their customer isn't have a license.

    Can I manage my customers sites with a individual installation on each server with a single license ? The short answer is "no" under this model, you need a license for each customer. The best way to manage multiples separated installation is to register as partner.

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