Live Chat license plan for web developers and agencies

The right plan for web developers and web agencies!

The developer Plan is a license that allows up to 10 separated Live Chat installation.

Multiples Domains

This new plan is focused on web agencies and developers in order to allow multiples installation ( up to 10) all associated to one customer account.

With the developer plan a web developer or web agency can install a separated license for their multiple clients for a small price related to a single new license.

This is a an excellent way to offer Live Chat to all your customer for less that half of the price of the license.

How this works:

You buy a developer plan and this will allow to register up to 10 separate domains under your customer account, with this model you can install the product on a test mode or full mode to your customer and then you can offer the live chat as part of your business proposal.

You can install live chat servers on different CMS like Joomla , Wordpress or Drupal. You are not limited for one CMS.

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