Live Chat Hosted vs Self-Hosted which one is better

Which solution is better Hosted or Self-Hosted Live Chat ? We get this question all the time and the answer is not so simple.

We always thing that the best way to find a good answer is to compare both kind of Live Chat solutions in order to know which one fit better to your needs.


  • Run in your own server
  • The information remains in your server
  • You own the chats
  • Lifetime License
  • Scalable Free
  • Server Self Administration
  • You own the Software
  • The performance of the chat depend of your hosting resources
  • The ability of the Live Chat System depend of your hosting
  • Hosted

  • Run on a different server
  • The informaton remains on a different server
  • You don't own the chats
  • You rent a service
  • Scalable with a fee
  • Server is administration by Expert
  • You don't own the softwre
  • The performance of the chat do not depend of your hosting
  • The ability of the Live Chat do not depend of your hosting
  • In conclusion

    The best Live Chat solution depend of your needs and resources but hosting your own Live Chat service takes a bit of work, but the benefits often outweigh. In some cases, it's about keeping your data private. In others, it's about having complete control and in the major cases is to reduce the expenses

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