Live Chat agent mobile app

Keep in touch with your website visitors is not only possible through the Agent Desktop console called the Support Panel Desktop, also is possible through an app for Android and IOS called the Support Panel Mobile.

live chat session

The Support Panel Mobile is a lite version of the desktop app that can be very helpful when you are moving all the time and want to keep in touch with your visitors and customers.

What's the agent can do with the Live Chat Agent App (Support Panel Mobile):

  • Track the visitors steps in one or multiple websites.
  • Analyze the visitors behaviour.
  • Start a Live Chat session with one or multiples visitors.
  • Answer a live Chat request from one or multiples visitors.
  • Chat on real-time with one or mutiples visitors.
  • Transfer a Live Chat session to a different agent.
  • Push a web page link.
  • Send a pro-active invitation.
  • Send a pro-active message.
  • Main Features:

    The Support Panel Mobile is an app that help with the principal options of the Live Chat.

    live chat agent app

    Track Online Visitors :

    With the Support Panel Mobile you can track your visitors steps on one or multiples sites, remember the information is limited because is a mobile device and the consume of the data plan can affect your phone bill.

    live chat agent app visitors track

    Start a Chat Session:

    With the app you can accept one or multiple live chat session request from one or multiples sites.

    Chat with Online visitors:

    The Support Panel Desktop app allow to engage with your online visitors any time, you can chat with several visitors at the same time.

    live chat session

    Engage using proactive features:

    With the Support Panel Mobile you can start a chat by sending a proactive chat invitation or message anytime to the online visitors.

    Transfer a Live Chat Session:

    With the Mobile App you can transfer a outgoing live chat session with a different agent working on the desktop agent application or the mobile app.

    System Requirements

    The Support Panel Mobile is available for Android and IOS both for phones a tablet.

    Support Panel Mobile for Iphone and Ipad

    live chat agent console for iphone and ipad

    Support Panel Mobile App for Android Phone and Tablet

    live chat agent console for android

  • Apple Store : Iphone and Ipad
  • Google Play Store : Phone and Tablet
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