Live Chat agent desktop application

Engage your website visitors online in real-time. Send invitations and messages, answer quickly your visitors doubts and say hello to your future customers is on your hand with the Support Panel Desktop a Powerful Live Chat Agent Console.

live chat agent console

The Live Chat Agent Console is used by agents to interact with your website visitors and is called the Support Panel Desktop.

The Support Panel Desktop ( Live Chat Agent Console ) is a powerful desktop application and is the center of the agent operation with the website visitors and is available for Windows and MAC.

What's the agent can do with the Live Chat Agent Console (Support Panel Desktop):

  • Track the visitors steps in one or multiple websites.
  • Analyze the visitors behaviour.
  • Start a Live Chat session with one or multiples visitors.
  • Answer a live Chat request from one or multiples visitors.
  • Chat on real-time with one or mutiples visitors.
  • Push a web page link.
  • Push a web image.
  • Send a Link.
  • Read a previous chat session.
  • Read the visitors offline messages.
  • Chat with another Live Chat agents.
  • Transfer a Live Chat session to a different agent.
  • Share a chat session with another live chat agent.
  • Make your own pro-active chat messages.
  • Make your own pre-typed messages.
  • Make your own pre-typed links.
  • Make pre-typed messages by language.
  • Get spell checking by language.
  • Get sound notification when a new visitor arrives to the site.
  • End a live chat session anytime.
  • Exclude some visitors from the main visitors grid.
  • Main Features:

    The Support Panel Desktop includes a lot powerful features that can empower a simple person like an expert live chat agent. The Agent Console can be divided on three aspect like observation, analysis and proactivity.


    The Live Chat agent console can track any moment the visitors steps in to one or multiple sites and know important information.

    Under the visitors grid the agent can arrange the visitors by three different factors:

  • Country : You can see anytime the visitors by the origin country.
  • Domain : You can see anytime the visitors arrange by the target domain, if you manage multiple domains this feature can be very handy.
  • General : You can see the visitors arrange by the time that each arrive to the site.
  • live chat real-time visitors


    With the Live Chat Agent Console you can research on real-time the visitors information and what their doing on the site. The application include some powerful options that can help the agent to understand the visitor behaviour.

  • Detailed visitor information : You can know some information about the visitor like the visitor country, city and region, the computer type and resolution and the entry point to your site.
  • live chat visitors detail

  • Visitor Exact Location : With the geolocation map you can place the visitor anytime on a map and know very closely their location.
  • live chat visitor location

  • Navigation : You can know on real-time the navigation behavior of any visitor, you can know if the visitor is looking a product description or entering a complaint on a contact form.
  • live chat visitor navigation


    With all the information collected and analyzed by the agent they can take some pro-active actions.

  • Invitation : The agent can send anytime a pro-active chat invitation to a single visitor or all the visitors in order to start a chat session.
  • live chat pro-active options

  • Message : The agent can send anytime a pro-active chat message to a single visitor, the agent can write the message like a salutation or use a pre-typed messages.
  • live chat pro-active message

    With the pro-active options you can start to interact with your visitors and be more close to the customer in order to sell a product or offer a better support.

    System Requirements

  • Windows : Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7 , 8 , 8.1 , 10 (32 bit) and (64 bit).
  • MAC OS : Mac 10.5 and 10.6, Mac Lion , Yosemite.
  • Memory:According to the system requirements of the operating system.
  • Software : Adobe AIR Runtime
  • Internet Connection:Broadband
  • Disk Space:60MB
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