Add a new domain to your account

After you buy a new license or renew a old one you will get an email with the access to the customer area, there you need to add the main domain name in order to unlock the 30 days trial for the Support Panel Desktop and the Support Panel Mobile.

With the access info go to the main customer area and follow the next steps:

1. Login into the customer section.


2. Check that you already don't have the domain, on the domain section.


3. Go to the orders section and click over the option "add domain".


4. Enter the domain where you have installed the LiveHelp Server, remember you need to enter only the domain name : example :

NOTE : The activation system only required to setup the domain name, additional things like protocol , ports or "/" are not required.


5. Go to the section domain and check if the new domain is available.


Remember is only required to setup the main domain where is installed the LiveHelp Server in order to manage one or multiple domains from a single server installation.

NOTE : If you don't get the access to the customer area after you placed a new order, please check the SPAM folder, sometimes the mail goes there, if you can't find please contact us through our support (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) email in order to re-send the credentials.

The "activation code" will be not longer required for the Support Panel Desktop ver 5x.

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