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If you got a problem please check the follow common issues list, this tried to cover all the know issues:

Most common issues
How to setup the Live chat for multiple websites
Why to use ActiveHelper Live Chat 

Getting started

All about of the Live Chat software and features :

Live Chat for multiples websites
How to install ActiveHelper Live Chat component in a Joomla 3 
How to install ActiveHelper Live Chat on a Wordpress website 


The communication between visitors and agents is bean managed by the desktop or the mobile agent app :

Agent desktop application
Agent mobile app
Agent mobile app push notification support
Desktop agent application Icon disappear from the windows task-bar
Visitors grouping and filtering
Sign in on the support panel desktop application


Making the looks better is simple with ActiveHelper

Footer live chat button on Joomla 
Footer live chat button on WordPress
RTL Live Chat Joomla Module - Right-to-left text support 
Re-brand the Live Chat window 
Live Chat button for regular websites 
Live Chat buttons differences, agent and domain 
Floating live chat button on wordpress 
Live Chat button on a static position on Joomla 

Common Errors

Issues and solutions:

Live Chat button is not displayed on Chrome and IE. strict MIME type checking is enabled
The application cannot be installed due to a certificate problem
Widgetkit Carousel on a you-avenue template with warp 7 conflict resolved
Sign in on the Support Panel Desktop but the agent is not online
Desktop agent application do not go ONLINE


Why to buy ActiveHelper Live Chat

Live Chat Hosted vs Self-Hosted which one is better
One license for manage multiples websites
Live Chat license plan for web developers and agencies
How can I place a purchase order via phone
Upgrades and updates how works
Add a new domain to your account
Multiples Live Chat Server with one account

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