Chat from your desktop or mobile

The LiveHelp System comes with many features and options for attending to visitors requesting chat, from our Support Panel Desktop solution available for Windows and Mac to our Support Panel Mobile app for mobile devices including cellular phones and tablets.

Support Panel Desktop

Support Panel Desktop is a robust desktop application which not only caters to chat applications but also performs real time tracking of visitor movements across multiple internet sites. A few of the many features of Support Panel Desktop are:

  • Visitors Tracking.
  • Pre Typed Messages.
  • Proactive Chat Invitation.
  • Proactive Chat Messages.
  • Chat Transfer.
  • Geolocation Map.
  • Access to Chat Transcriptions.
  • Access to Offline Messages.
  • Sound & Visual Alerts.
  • Multi Language Support.

Live Chat

Through the support panel, an agent can accept one or multiple chat sessions from visitors to your site. Remember that an agent can end a session or transfer the session to another qualified agent at any time.

The main features available during a chat sessions are:

  • Full Visitor Tracking info.
  • Pre Typed Messages.
  • Website Push

  • Send Links / Images / JavaScript.
  • Smilies Support
  • Sound & Visual Alerts

Real-time Visitor Monitoring

Real-time visitor monitoring allows you to instantly see who's on your site, see who referred your visitors, where your visitors are from, or what keywords were used to find your site, among other useful information.


See the visitor's hometown, region and Country. Each visitor is displayed on a zoomable World Map (powered by Google Maps®).

Proactive Features

Turn your visitors into customers with proactive contact features. Send invitations to visitors or other messages depending on the page that your visitor is viewing.

Proactive invitations and messages are very helpful, increasing visitor satisfaction, increasing the volume of chats, and more importantly, increasing the volume of sales.

Transfer Chat

Transferring a chat session to another agent is as simple as a single click. Scaling or redirecting a chat is also just as simple.

Chat History and Offline Messages

Viewing previous chat sessions or offline messages are some of the other important features that Support Panel Desktop possesses; checking the chat history to continue a conversation is a simple task.

Pre Typed Messages

Creating and managing pre Typed messages is an easy job thanks to the administrative features which allow you to create message groups by language and category.

Pre Typped messages are a huge help when starting a conversation with a visitor. Greetings, farewells, announcements and general information can dramatically decrease the agent's workload and allow them to attend to simultaneous visitors, reducing the waiting time in each case.


Support Panel Desktop is currently available in 8 languages and this number will continue to grow with the active collaboration of our users.

Supported Platforms

Support Panel Desktop is available for Windows and Mac platforms, as well as Linux running Wine.

Support Panel Mobile

Support Panel Mobile is a limited, but powerful app that brings customer service to a whole new level.

Live Chat

Support Panel Mobile comes with a limited version of LiveChat which allows sending messages, links and push pages.

Transfer Chat

As in Support Panel Desktop, transferring a chat from one agent to another is very simple from the app.

Proactive Options

Support Panel Mobile comes with the ability to send proactive invitations and messages, as with the desktop version, to convert a visitor into a customer with a single click.


Support Panel Mobile is currently available in 3 languages and this number will continue to grow with the active collaboration of our users.

Supported Platforms

Support Panel Mobile is available for iPhone and iPad, Android phones, tablets and on BlackBerry PlayBook.


Support Panel Mobile is included in the LiveHelp System for unlimited agents like the Support Panel Desktop.