Joomla menu item status indicator plugin

With the new LiveHelp Server ver 2.3 you can enable easily the status indicator as a joomla menu item. This new version Install a plugin to allow uses the Chat Status Indicator in a menu item.

To use the status indicator as a joomla menu item you need to follow the next steps:

1. Edit the plugin “ActiveHelper Status Indicator”.


2. Set yes in the “Enabled” option.

3. Define the caption that you need to show in the menu item in the option “Menu Item Title”.

4. Copy the “Search Key” value to replace later in the menu item link.

5. Save and close the option.

6. Enter to the option “Main menu” in the Menus Top option.

7. Click in the “new ” button and select a “External Link” menu item type.

8. Set a name for the menu item.

9. In the field link set a ‘’/” and paste them the Search Key value, like the fallow string “/ACTIVEHELPER-STATUS-INDICATOR.HTML” .

10. Next save and close.

11. Now you need to insert the tracking script in your joomla template or enable a tracking module.

12. If you not need to show any image in you site you can disable the status indicator option in the module.


13. Now try to reload your page to see the Chat option as a menu item.


Note: if you already have enabled the Tracking module in your site you not need to execute the steps 11 and 12.