How do I integrate the tracking module into my website?

The integration of the tracking script on your website is a simple process.

First you must decide whether you prefer to use a block of HTML or a module. The tracking script can be used in two ways.

LiveHelp Server installation can be done by following the steps below:

To copy the javascript code, simply enter the Manage Domains option and click on one of the three flags according to the language you want to use for the status indicator.

Manage domains

Copy and paste the code into your HTML block in Joomla.

Joomla Extension Manager

The second option is to click on the icon called Module. The system will build the module in a path on your server and you may then download it or install it directly in Joomla. Unlike the JavaScript code module, this option is only in English. If you need to install another language, edit the module file and change the language parameter.

Joomla Componente Installation

Note that, since you can manage multiple domains from the same LiveHelp server, you need to use the code that belongs to your domain.