Footer Live Chat Status Indicator

With the new LiveHelp Server ver 3.5 you can enable easily the tracking module as a "right side footer bar".

Follow the next steps in order to deploy the tracking module as a footer bar:

1. Go to the Section "Manage Domains".

2. Locate the column "tracking Module" and click over the module generation link.

3. First you need to select the right Joomla version for the new module.

4. Select the best footer position for your template. available options : left , right.

Module generation

5. Generate and download the new tracking module.

6. Go to Extension Manager and install the tracking module like any other module.


7. Edit the new installed module and set the position as : debug, right or left.remember each template have differents position and "debug" , "right" or "left" can't be available.

8. Set the module ON.

Module settings

9. Check the tracking module.

Footer module button

Update the "pro-active" invitation and message position. Both pro-active options by default work in the same position that the new footer button (right) this is the reason that is necesary to update the display position.

1. Go to the Section "Server Settings".

1. Edit the option "proactive messages position" and set the position as : center or left.

Server settings