I can't see the chat image

If you can't see the tracking module after you finish the LiveHelp Server configuration and deploy the chat module this is maybe you have a path issue.


We found that sometimes during the installation the product can't make right the Joomla installation directory.

You can verify if this issue happens by execute manually the tracking module http://www.mydomain.com/components/com_activehelper_livehelp/server/import/javascript.php and if this stop in the follow code line function statusClass (s_id) youf have a path issue.


Edit the file jlhconst.php that you can find in the follow path : \components\com_activehelper_livehelp\server\import and verify and update the const J_DIR_PATH with the full joomla path from the public_html until /components/com_activehelper_livehelp