Norton 360 false positive

If you are getting a false positive with the norton 360 is necessary to create a file exceptions in order to allow install.

Please follow the next steps provided by norton :

Open up the N360 interface.

Select the "Settings" tab.

Select "Antivirus" from the Detailed Settings field.

Under the "Scans and Risks" tab, scroll down to the bottom

Locate the "Exclusions / Low Risks" section

Next to "Items to Exclude from Auto-Protect, installer-supportpanel.exe" click on "Configure [+]"

A window should pop up labeled "Real Time Exclusions"

Click "Add" and browse for your games folder. Don't select a specific file, just select the entire game folder.

Be sure to check the box for "Include subfolders"

Click "OK"

Configuring scans in Norton 360 Version 4.0 to exclude specific drives, folders or files :