I get a 500 Internal Server Error in the Support Panel starup

If you get a HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error when you try to start a session with the Support Panel windows console maybe you a mod_security Issue.

This issue can be generated by many reasons, this is the most common reasons and solution:

1. mod_security rule. It's most likely the result of something triggering a rule in the server's "mod_security" rules.

Many hostings added or augmented their Apache mod_security module, adding in several new rules, which if tripped, generate a 400x or 500 error. Also you need to check your firewall.

A quick way to resolve this is edit the file .htaccess and check disable the the right mod_security rule or disable mod_security for your domain.

SecFilterEngine Off

If you can't fix this issue, you need to contact your server administrator and request to remove the mod_security rule.

2. php-mode fcgi. If you use fcgi this can generate a 500 Internal Server Error.

To fix this issue set the php-mode to apachehandler .

3. short_open_tag. If you have the php option short_open_tag = off this can generate a 500 Internal Server Error in a windows hosting with IIS and PHP configured to use ISAPI.

Simply changing the short_open_tag = On in the php.ini file from "Off" to "On".